Health & Safety

The historic walls surrounding Prideaux Place have stood for over 200 years but are now in need of considerable care and attention. Due to their historical importance and significance the refurbishment and repair of the walls requires specialist advice from heritage & conservation consultants, structural engineers, specialist stonemasons and statutory authorities such as Historic England and Cornwall Council Conservation & Planning.

This all takes time, but we are working closely with all these stakeholders to ensure that a robust, yet sympathetic repair, refurbishment and remedial works programme can be developed.

Whilst we work through this extremely important process, it is equally important that all visitors to Prideaux Place respect the very fragile state of the walls and Gatehouses.

We ask that all visitors keep a safe distance away from the walls and Gatehouses and take great care when accessing the grounds via the steps and archway of the Eastern Gatehouse in particular. Please do not touch, sit or climb on the walls as the stonework could be damaged and more importantly, visitor safety could be compromised.

New signage is in place on both sides of the wall and the Eastern Gatehouse to remind people to take care when accessing Prideaux Place.

We will keep you advised on the website of any updates and progress of these strategies and works and thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.


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